php training in chandigarh


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php training in chandigarh

Secure-Net Technologies is a leader in the field of training and certification of the Zend PHP course in the Chandigarh. We provide in-depth knowledge of basic to advance networking concepts. Our well-equipped  Labs offer the best infrastructure and practical exposure to you. Secure-Net provides the best PHP training in Chandigarh

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Why Secure-Net for PHP training

Secure-Net Technologies provides best PHP training in Chandigarh. We are Pioneer in Practical PHP Training in Chandigarh with Live Projects. Secure-Net has the certified professionals to train their candidates according to the requirements of current Industry


We recommended that you have the following knowledge and skills to take this course

  • Knowledge Of HTML , CSS and JavaScript.
  • Basic Knowledge of Database Queries.
  • Basic knowledge of Internet.

PHP Training in Chandigarh - Job Oriented Course

PHP training in Chandigarh has become the first choice of training among students who are seeking their industrial training in PHP. Because PHP is the programming language used by every individual to get better job opportunities in the IT Industries.

Why PHP?

PHP is one of the  most adoptable programming language in the world to create Dynamic Web Application. It is Easy to learn and implement. Top IT industries like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Facebook, The Black Web etc. use PHP programming to build their Business.

Secure-Net provides Live Project training & Online Course Classes for student.

Our Course

We Follow the official Curriculum provided by the Zend and we follow a standard practically approach to trains our student to easily get jobs in various IT Industries.

Limited Seats per Batch

PHP Live Projects

Skill Development

Why Choose Secure-Net for PHP Training in Chandigarh ?

Flexible Timings

We Offers Flexible batch timing according to the candidate

Practical Exposure

We provides full practical experience to candidates

Certificate on completion

We offers Completion and training Certificate for candidates


We provides free PHP Hand written Notes to our candidate for further reference
php training in chandigarh

Learn Core PHP

Learn Core PHP and start Developing fully Responsive Web sites

php training in chandigarh

Learn Advance PHP

Learn Advance PHP and create advance Online Platform

Core PHP

php training in chandigarh
1. Introduction to PHP
  • Introduction to PHP

  • Environment Setup and Web Server Installation

2. PHP Basics
  • Syntax

  • Operators

  • Variables

  • Constants

  • Data Types

  • Comments

3. Control Statement
  • PHP If else

  • PHP Switch

  • PHP For Loop

  • PHP While Loop

  • PHP Do While Loop

  • PHP Break

  • PHP Continue

4. PHP Functions
  • PHP Functions

  • Parametrized Functions

  • PHP Arguments

5. PHP Arrays
  • PHP Arrays

  • PHP Indexed Arrays

  • PHP Associative Arrays

  • Multi-dimensional Array

  • PHP Array Function

6. PHP Strings
  • PHP String

  • PHP String Functions

7. Web Features
  • Sessions, Forms

  • GET and POST data

  • Cookies & HTTP

  • Headers, Streams & Network

8. Databases
  • Introduction to My SQLi

  • Database Queries – Insert, Delete, Update, Select,

                    Order By etc.

Advance PHP

php training in chandigarh
1. PHP Object-Oriented Programming
  • Classes / Objects

  • PHP Constructor & Destructor

  • PHP Access Modifiers

  • PHP Inheritance

  • PHP Abstract Classes

  • PHP Traits

  • PHP Static Method & Properties


2. PHP File Handling
  • PHP File Handling

  • PHP File Open/ Read

  • PHP File Create/ Write

  • PHP File Upload

3. PHP Forms
  • PHP Form Handling

  • PHP Form Validation

  • PHP Form Required

  • PHP Form URL/E-mail

  • PHP Form Complete

4. PHP Cookies
  • PHP Cookies

  • Deleting Cookies

  • Creating Session Cookie

5. PHP Advance
  • PHP Header Function

  • PHP Date and Time

  • PHP Error

  • PHP Mail Functions

6. PHP Sessions
  • PHP Sessions

  • Starting Sessions

  • Working with Session Variables

  • Destroying Sessions

PHP Training in Chandigarh


6 Months / 6 Weeks full unlimited Learning and Lab Access


Full Technical Support 24*7 about Concepts and Solutions directly from Certified Professionals.

Batch Timings

Flexible timings 2 to 4 Hrs Batch. Limited Seats only. Up to 10 to 14 candidates per batch

Live Projects

Full Lab Featured Lab with Live Projects.