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Secure-Net is a Leading training and Authorized computer testing center facilities in North India. Highly Secure and Convenient testing environment for testing in North India. Tie-ups with five international testing bodies including Pearson VUE, PSI, Kryterion, BeingCert, Nextec. Delivering across 2500+ exams.


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authorized computer testing center

Testing & Assessment

We provide Secure, Convenient and Safe testing services for various IT, Non-IT, Entrance Exams, Recruitment Exams, Scholarship and various Computer based Exams

authorized computer testing center

Venue Booking

We provide services like Exam Scheduling, Event Based Exam Services, Selected Exam services, Computer Based Exams Services,

authorized computer testing center

Testing Solutions

Evaluate your skills and get yourself certified , We have authorized testing bodies like Pearson, Kryterion, Scantron, Being Cert, PSI and many more. We are one of the sought after proctor center in north India.

We are Authorized with

Pearson VUE is the global testing provider helps to Develop, Manage, Deliver and  deliver almost 10 Million Computer Based test every year across 175 countries.  Pearson VUE Offers innovative Computer Based Testing solutions through secure, electronic, test delivery. Pearson VUE provides Licensure and Certification. We are Authorized Pearson VUE Testing Center delivering Pearson VUE Exams from last 15 years.

Popular Exams Under Pearson VUE

authorized computer testing center
authorized computer testing center

PSI has been providing Assessment and Talent Management solutions to a range of private and public sector organizations from the last 70 years. An International body of Talent and Assessment has acquired leading Technology, Content and consulting companies in the US and throughout the world. PSI is now working with over 2,000 experts in 160 countries and delivering over 15 million tests and assessments per year globally. PSI delivers mission-critical testing programs in every sector, with an outstanding track record in industries such as aviation, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, IT certification, real estate, cosmetology, insurance, and construction.

Popular Exams Under PSI

authorized computer testing center

Scantron is a global, technology and services based company whose experts provide comprehensive assessment, test development, psychometrics, survey. It is an American company based in Eagan, Minnesota. Scantron provides products and services for assessments and surveys worldwide. Scantron is an accomplished full-fledged certification and licensure testing company. They allow your professional to excel in their area through the development of competency-based testing, training, and high-stakes certification programs.

Popular Exams Under Scantron


Kryterion represent a quantum leap in testing. You can use the latest technology and security to develop, deliver and manage testing programs of all sizes. They provide the best Test Taker experience for students, employees, partners or candidates. Test delivery and proctoring solutions are met according to unique market testing needs. They put their best foot forward to easily deliver your exams worldwide and providing test sponsor quick and cost effective development of high-quality certification programs.

Popular Exams Under Kryterion

authorized computer testing center
authorized computer testing center

BeingCert is a one of the leading International Association body of USA offering tailored certification solution, which gives boost your career. The motto behind establishing this organization was to meet the revolution evolving in the IT industry. Their certifications are widely accepted by major IT giants, corporate and numerous institutions. BeingCert offers certification which includes Lean Six Sigma, ISO, Project Management, Certified Sales and Marketing Professional, Business Management Professional, Certified Cloud Computing Certifications, Premium IT Certifications, Certified Software Tester Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level Certifications, Process Modeling, Data Center, Information Security Certifications and many more. This not only helps the professionals to grow instantly but helps them to secure their jobs.


Popular Exams Under BeingCert: Python, Cybersecurity, IOT, ISO Certification, Digital Marketing etc.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's) Redarding Certifications

For Pearson VUE exams

You can register online from :-

  • View available exams
  • Locate a test center near you Schedule, reschedule, or cancel an exam
  • Find program-specific rules, customer service, and
  • FAQs Explore exam prep materials

Register you exam from our testing center email us on or call +91 9872242244

For PSI exam

Just visit to PSI Exam Portal – Click here

  • Navigate to Schedule Exam
  • Register yourself
  • Update your profile
  • Prepare yourself for Exam or take some training
  • Schedule a test
  • Locate a Test Center
  • Read all terms and Condition and take your test here.

For Kryterion Exams

1. Registration

You will register for your exam through your Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal. During this process you will select your desired exam, choose Onsite delivery, and select a Testing Center, date and time for your testing session.

2. Confirmation
You will receive an email confirming your scheduled testing date, time and Kryterion Testing Center location along with a Test Taker Authorization Code. This code is required to launch your exam at the Testing Center.
3. Check-in at the Test Center
Two forms of identification are required at the Testing Center, which will be verified and recorded. You will also need to provide the Test Taker Authorization Code from your Confirmation email. The Kryterion Certified Proctor (KCP) will provide you with documentation about preparing for your test session while your workstation is prepared in the testing room.

For Scantron Exam

To register ACE Exam | Personal Fitness Trainer

  • Register online visit Ace fitness portal.
  • Choose Your Personal Fitness Exam
  • Buy Membership that includes, Prepration Material, Exam fee and many more
  • Prepare yourself
  • Locate a test Center
  • Go for an Exam

For BeingCert Exam

Register for BeingCert Exam just visit to BeingCert Website and Register Your self

  • Go to Certification section
  • Select your Certification
  • Click on Schedule
  • Login into existing Account
  • Pay the Examination Fees
  • Locate Test center and Go for an exam

The First and Last name that the candidate uses to register must exactly the first and last name on both ID’s that are presented on that day. The candidate is required to present two forms of Original ID (no photocopies or Digital ID’s), valid (unexpired) ID’s. One form of as a Primary ID (government-issued with name, Photo, and Signature). Second Form of as a Secondary ID (at least Name and Signature).

Acceptable Form of Primary ID

  • International Travel Passport 
  • Driving License 
  • PAN Card

Acceptable Form of Secondary-ID

  • Credit or Debit card contains Full Name.

* If you have any questions about the ID you are required to bring with you to the testing center for admittance for your exam, please contact Pearson VUE customer service at Any candidate exceptions to the ID policy must be pre approved by the Pearson VUE customer service center at least three business days before the scheduled exam appointment.

* ID policies may vary according to the exam. Candidate are requested read carefully the Exam Confirmation/Appointment email and bring the supported Documents.

Tobacco products, food, Drink, Water and chewing gum are not allowed in the testing area.

The Test Sponsor determines when the score report is available to the Test Taker. Printed results will be provided by the Testing Center according to exams.

No Smartphones, Featured Phones, Smartwatches, PDA’s, Headphones, Bluetooth devices, Calculator, watches, Camera and any other form of electronic device is banned in testing area. If Candidate brings these item it would be stored into an Secure Locker.

If your Test Sponsor allows it, you may reschedule or cancel an exam sitting directly through your Exam portal. Additional fees may apply. Test Center have no role to cancel, reschedule your exam.

DO NOT bring personal items to the testing center. Test Center are not responsible for lost or stolen property. All personal belongings, except your identification, will be stored in secure Locker and not accessible during the test session.